My name is Brock Steven A.K.A. Mr. Pink My specialty is three-dimensional nipple and areola micro-pigmentation restoration, or in short 3D nipple and areola tattooing. I’ve been tattooing since 2004, winning multiple awards for tattoo work I’ve done, and currently I own and work out of one the best shops in the Midwest, Rockstar Tattoo & Co.! I never thought I would become a nipple artist. In reality it kind of fell into my lap and became my passion.

In 2014 a client of mine stopped in one day after a nurse asked where she had received her tattoos, because the nurse was looking for a local artist she could send breast cancer survivors to who wanted realistic nipples tattooed on them. I took her card, did a little research and found that the majority of survivors who had nipple tattoos from all over the world were receiving them from the doctor’s office and unfortunately most didn’t turn out well. Sadly, there weren't many artists who specialized 3D nipple tattoos. So what choice did these women really have?

First and foremost I have always been a humanitarian, not just an artist. Helping people is something that has always been near and dear to my heart. I’ve seen tattoos be a healing tool in so many ways throughout the years. Learning how to use the tools necessary to tattoo nipples can be learned by just about anyone. Doctors, nurses, and estheticians mean well, and they do their best with what they have, but this is not a specialty of theirs. To create 3D realistic nipple tattoos requires the right tones, dimensions, and unique touch, which are the talents I have, as this is my sole specialty.

I’ve worked with many wonderful survivors, not just tattooing nipples, but also covering mastectomy scars with beautiful artwork. I’ve worked exclusively with an organization,, doing just that as an artist and host shop. However, there are many talented artists who can do amazing mastectomy scar cover-ups with artwork, but few who tattoo 3D nipples which is my main focus. So I've spent the last couple years building a portfolio, relationships, and a better understanding of how I can contribute and help survivors deal with this terrible thing called cancer. And now here I am, ready to help you move forward!

Given the chance to do what I do best, and help people in the process, is why I love doing this. I’m very easy to work with and happy answer any and all questions you may have. Truth is, the mark to the end of a tough journey should be a beautiful one. I want to leave that mark on you!