Kim S

My experience with Brock was nothing short of amazing. I instantly felt comfortable with his kind words and professional manner. His work made me feel a confidence I had missed since my diagnosis. Thank you Brock for helping me feel whole again!
I tested positive for the BRCA1 gene in May of 2014 and had a preventative double mastectomy. After dealing with drains, scars and incisions, I didn’t like looking in the mirror and seeing the reminders. I wanted to take control and cover my scars with something meaningful...Brock was involved in Milwaukee’s P.Ink Day the last few years; In fact, he donated his tattoo shop and time for the day... That alone spoke volumes to me of Brock’s heart, compassion and character...I had my consultation with Brock and he immediately put me at ease. When I finally saw my completed project, I was in shock and didn’t have many words – it was beautiful and stunning. Something so “simple” gives me complete happiness and makes me feel “normal” again. He translated my dream into a reality and brought all of my ideas together in a beautiful, custom design. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m forever grateful and indebted to you.

Hannah L

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was the worst day of my life... I did nipple reconstruction with tattooing through [my doctor's] office and while I absolutely loved how my reconstruction turned out, the tattooing was not the best. They faded and had no dimension. Every time I looked in the mirror I was reminded of cancer and what it stole from me... Brock gave me back a sense of myself that had been missing for years. Now when I look in the mirror I don't see scars and cancer, I see me.

Emily C

Brock was absolutely amazing. He made the transition from "cancer patient" back to "normal person" a success. Unless you've been in the shoes of a breast cancer patient, you have no idea how outward appearances really affect your everyday life. For many, they'll see it as just tattooed nipples. For me it's a representation of a new chapter in my life that I'm lucky I get to live. During the tattooing, Brock told me exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it before proceeding. His communication and mannerisms really put me at ease. I'm so impressed with the visual outcome. I'll pretty much show anyone that asks because I'm so excited at how they turned out!

Marie B

Brock is amazing to go to. He made me feel comfortable and he is very professional. You can tell Brock really cares about his clients, especially this population and has a passion for helping women feel better about themselves by making this whole process feel normal. He took the time to ensure I was comfortable with where the tattoos would look the best by moving my arms and if I wasn't quite sure he would start the location over with an ink pen to make sure I was happy with them before placing the permanent tattoos which I really appreciated. I want to thank Brock for the excellent job he has done and would recommend him to anyone wanting this done. Thanks so much Brock, you rock!!

Julie P

Chicago, IL

Sandy K

Every day for 7 years I would look in the mirror and see the damage that cancer had done. The scars weren’t the issue – it was the lack of nipples and the once-beautifully-formed breasts...Having both breasts removed destroyed me emotionally, physically and spiritually and ultimately destroyed my relationship with my boyfriend.  I was so ashamed of my body and who I had become...Then came P.Ink.  I found the link on Facebook and sent in my story and my plea for their help.  I waited and waited for them to let me know I was selected and just when I had given up hope, I received THE call.  She gave me the names of the available artists, I checked out their portfolios, and found my artist – Brock, the owner of Rockstar Tattoo.  His style was exactly what I was looking for.  He was so sweet and accommodating and ready to make this dream come true....I thought I was going to cry when I saw it, but all I could do was smile.  The pitiful cancer survivor, no longer exists.  I am now the confident, self-assured, bad-ass, beautiful, tattooed women who is strong and alive. 
Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. After all the treatment, surgeries, set backs, and finally the news I was cancer free I decided I'd like to end my journey with nipple tattoos. I had heard of how amazing Brock was at Rockstar tattoo and how he was helping women after breast cancer feel whole again. I decided to have my tattoos done on my 40th birthday and even got a little tattoo for fun. I can't say enough about how awesome Brock was, compassionate, funny, and very invested in making women's lives better after breast cancer! I really do feel now like my old self and will definitely be back to see Brock!!

Moria L

May 23, 2013 is my birthday and I was awaken by the worst call ever. I briefly spoke with a cancer rep, informing me that I had cancer... [It] sent me into a deep depression and increased all my other medical conditions...Cancer took a lot from me and I'm thankful for everyone that's in my life that's going through this journey with me...The process of accepting that I had to have reconstruction made me feel like an outcast. I went from just having the form of breast, breast without areolas, to having them with areolas. The outcome is amazing and made me feel complete, whole, happy about my body again...Thank you Brock, you made this milestone be worthwhile to cross or overcome.

Loni M